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Perfect for PlayStation 5 TVs is born with new features -

Perfect for PlayStation 5 TVs is born with new features –

The Sony series has been featured on TVs Sony Bravia Xr Brand “Suitable for PlayStation 5“, Sony in view of the arrival of new exclusive features for the PS5 aimed at uniqueizing the gaming experience with the environment.Auto HDR tone mapping e Auto type image mode Both are coming at the end of 2021 with software updates and should join others Gaming features of the Sony Bravia XR series 120 fps and 6 milliseconds input lag with 4K like HDMI 2.1, as for the Sony Bravia Z9J models.

Auto HDR Tone Mapping: Thanks to the planned updates for the PS5 and Sony Provia Xr TVs by the end of the year, the next generation Sony console will be able to automatically identify Sony Provia TVs and automatically select the best settings based on the model it is attached to. It therefore ensures an accurate map of HDR tones to highlight details and nuances, ensuring greater visibility of the objects on track with all the advantages of the case for optimal driving on topics such as the Gran Turismo 7.

Auto Type Image Mode: With this feature, Sony Bravia XR TVs can detect the content viewed by the user and differentiate between video games, movies and TV shows. It guarantees the highest quality with Blu-ray and streaming services via PS5, minimizing input lag for gaming, or enabling standard mode to prioritize image processing.

Effects of Auto HDR Tone Mapping on Sony Bravia XR TVs