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"People M ...".  And Carlotta unloads Alessandro from Temptation Island

“People M …”. And Carlotta unloads Alessandro from Temptation Island

The traces were all there but the confirmation had just arrived. The acquaintance between Carlotta Adatcher and Alessandro Auterra lasted more than a month. Out Trigger Island Jessica’s ex-boyfriend and tester, who had surrendered to him on the reality show, said goodbye and was not even quiet. The latest post published by the beautiful model and corridor rumors has put an end to their flirtation with the Sardinian-born.

My opinion of faith always starts from the assumption that people are fools. We will see. It was spotted“Hard words – posted on his Instagram page – although it is not explicitly mentioned Alessandro, They left suspicion to his followers. Confirmation that the post was addressed to the protagonist of the latest version Trigger Island The comments came from the answers Carlotta gave to his fans. “It seemed like a hate“, The user commented, triggering the tester’s response: “I think it’s useless to comment. It’s better to be late than never“Instead someone else teased her:”But I hear the sound of my elbow“She could not help her:”Who will bite him, apparently“.

Still in the village Trigger Island Alessandro and Carlotta Their close relationship and allies and his girlfriend Jessica left and met the tester who sparked his rumor. Some believed the real interest between the two, but on Instagram Carlotta explained that he wanted to try to get to know Alessandro from the cameras. An attempt was completed in a few weeks. He gets paparazzi around Italy between parties, clubs and parties. In the company of all former competitors True Is single. Outra seems to be more interested in finding a place on TV than finding love. He himself has made himself available to join the cast of the new edition Big Brother VIP, Invites his followers to write to Alfonso Cignorini to convince him.

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There will be distrust based on the farewell between Carlotta and Alessandro. After the tester’s post, Autera did not always wait for the response to be delivered on social networks: “Respect is the basis of everything. If it is missing, go back to previous failures“There is no explicit reference to the attachment, but the dig does not escape from his fans.