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Penalties and Penalties: Those at risk through the Green Pass from Friday.  (Download text)

Penalties and Penalties: Those at risk through the Green Pass from Friday. (Download text)

Friday, October 15, in the words of Public Administration Minister Renato Brunetta, “Working Day for the whole world.” To ensure that the offices do not get into trouble, at least for this purpose, a member of the government, along with Health Minister Roberto Speranza, has prepared operational guidelines. Back office More than 32 thousand public administrations in the country. Underline: With Green bass.

From October 15, in fact, it will be mandatory to own it to access both public and private workplaces. This means returning to work in the presence of 3 million government employees. What happens is that great autonomy is given to workers, and above all to administrations, for example, they can decide on their own time of entry and exit to avoid meetings. A new figure comes into play here: the mobility manager, i.e. the planner for the workers’ movement. Municipal mobile managers are required to arrange public transportation and travel within the city. According to the new task force of public administrations, the regions will have to modify the public transport plan.

He is the Green Boss

As mentioned, all government employees and visitors to public offices must have a green certificate to access and work on campus. Explicitly included, also explains Courier della seraIncluding maintenance workers, suppliers, couriers, training classes and lenders. In addition, the employer has the authority to ask the employee for a green pass in advance if he or she is working for a work organization or shift planning.

Excluded only Users They do not have to show a green pass to use and log in to the Services.

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Document will be requested and checked at the entrance of public offices. It can be manual or automatic, especially with multiple employees to facilitate those administrations. Administrations with some workers may use the “Verification C19” application. Larger ones, on the other hand, can use digital sites that are already in use by the public administration.

For Controls, By pattern, rotation or carpet, can also be done on a daily basis. Each administration is completely autonomous in its own way. The person verifying the validity of the Green Pass is the employer or his representative. These are the best people in public administration, very realistically, someone appointed by them. However, a necessary condition is that the privacy of the worker is always protected.


If you do not have a green pass or your green certificate is invalid you will be suspended. Absence will be deemed unreasonable and his salary will be suspended. The days you are suspended do not contribute to the calculation of holidays and apparently not even seniority.

Brilliant work

Until December 31, 2021, each management will have its employees work remotely on a rotating basis on certain days of the week. For real regulation, it is necessary to wait for the end of the debate on the national type agreement.

However, at the same time, the courier was re-announced by Della Serra, there are differences Conditions It needs to be maintained with or without brilliant work. First, user services must remain unchanged and backwardness, if accumulated, must be eliminated. The rotation of authorized personnel must be adequate to perform active work and guarantee the presence of each worker, even over long distances. The worker must be provided with adequate technical equipment. The latter must guarantee the complete confidentiality of data and information processed during active work. Furthermore, performance is essential in the presence of subjects holding integration and control functions, managers and process managers.

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Download guidelines at the bottom of the page below.