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PayDay 3 needs a publisher, Starbreeze survival is at stake -

PayDay 3 needs a publisher, Starbreeze survival is at stake –

Tobias Sjogren, CEO Starfree, During the latest financial statement for 2020, said that despite the positive signs, his company is still not at risk. He is looking for a publisher for this reason PayDay 3, Because without those funds the survival of the Swedish company could be In danger.

Speech by the Interim Chief Executive Officer Tobias Sjogren Illustrates a complex situation. The future of Starbucks, in fact, hangs in the balance, despite the study. “Today the company is much stronger than it was a year ago“.

We are very confident and thirsty for revenge and glad to be able to focus fully on the development of Pode. “Words of Expression Hope And suggests that this is too bad for the study. Starfries, on the other hand, did not have long to announce that it had paid most of its lenders.

But the studio still doesn’t seem out of the subway. “Inject cash flow from exemption or settlement agreements, without additional funding Distribution According to PayDay 3, the company may face a liquidity deficit in the fourth quarter of 2021.“She is OK.

This means that without the entry of new investments, the company will not be able to cross 2021. Because, frankly, Pode 3 does not come before 2022.

Apart from the two badass, it is a shame to miss a talented studio that has released games such as The Darkness, The Chronicles of Rhythm: Escape from Butcher Bay and the Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.