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Patch 1.3.7 on PS5 prepares Housemark players for arrival

Patch 1.3.7 on PS5 prepares Housemark players for arrival

Although Will return It has been more than two weeks now that the workload for Housemark has not stopped and the community has been warned about the community in its social profiles.Immediate arrival of a new connection.

The Scandinavian software house confirmed it Revenue update 1.3.7 will be released on Thursday. Unfortunately the development team has decided not to share information regarding the update now, So we don’t know the contents. The probability of the introduction of the most desired recovery system is very low, while the new wave fixes for bugs and errors reported by the community over the last few days are certainly very reliable, especially in relation to the failure of utility crashes and files.

Housemark Announced as a star Works on new content to return, Fans immediately begin to speculate about the arrival of possible extensions. The link scheduled for Thursday is not said to launch any new content, but of course it will be minor additions because no announcement has been made by Software Home recently.

The recall is now exclusively available on the PlayStation 5. We have Deepened Roguleek’s storyline during a new live stream In the company of Francesco Fossetti and Marco Motura.

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