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Avant de proposer aux passagers de scanner ou de télécharger leurs documents de santé, Traveler ID for Safe Travel vérifie les exigences de leur destination en fonction des réglementations nationales - DR : Amadeus

Passengers can check their health documents in the app

This feature is now available 2,000 scheduled flights Lufthansa from Schengen zones that do not pose a particular risk.

In addition, Traveler ID for Safe Travel is fully integrated with Lufthansa’s partner Sentogen for medical testing services in Germany.

“Passengers booking a PCR or antigen test with CENTOGENE can scan the QR code during verification through the flight app, and the documents will be automatically processed through Amadeus Link with CENTOGENE.“, The group continues.

Before passengers can scan or download their health documents, Traveler ID for safe travel verifies their destination requirements against national regulations. Therefore, only travelers who are required to provide health documents are invited to do so.

Soon Lufthansa will also be able to use the app Amadeus Airport Vice, Thus allowing its employees Scan passenger boarding passes Using the iPod inside the airport will give them the ability to manage the flow of passengers across the terminal.

The Airport Companion processor can do the same Scan and process health documents, Provides the opportunity to update passenger information at any time during the trip, and not only from check-in counters.

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