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Parlor, a Conservative Twitter clone, has seen nearly 1 million downloads since election day

Parlor, a Conservative Twitter clone, has seen nearly 1 million downloads since election day

Conservative anger over the loss of President Trump has led to an increase in downloads to Parlor, a conservative social network established as an ideological alternative to Facebook and Twitter. According to Censor Tower data, Parlor’s usage saw a total of 980,000 downloads between November 3 (Election Day) and November 8, with more than half of those downloads (636,000) arriving on Sunday alone. (Total refers to both Google Play Store and iOS App Store downloads.)

The increase in downloads has pushed the parlor to the top of the App Store rankings. It is currently the # 1 free app on the iOS App Store, which is # 1,023 as of November 2nd. It peaked at # 1 on Google Play, up from # 486 the previous week. This application per sensor tower has been downloaded approximately 3.6 million times in the United States so far.

Parlor has been a focal point for several conservative protests against the recent election results, including the “Stop Stealing” campaign. Many Important Conservative Pundits With moderate frustration on Twitter and Facebook, followers in recent days have been asking to join the network.

It has become a haven for large networks – especially right-leaning conspiracy theories that promote elections. In a digested email on Monday, the parlor listed Its top post As a statement Falun Kong-aligned NDT news, The so-called “statistical discrepancies” in the latest vote count.

In recent months, both Twitter and Facebook have adopted tough policies against misinformation about voting, and those policies have been strictly enforced in the wake of election day chaos. The enforcement was particularly harsh against President Trump, who used both networks to raise bad doubts about the mail-in vote. The vote count should be stopped, And announces in advance the success of his campaign in the state of Pennsylvania. (Pennsylvania later called for Joe Biden.) As a result of those and other violations, a total of 16 of the president’s tweets faced some sort of control from Twitter in the days following Election Day.

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