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Paint in dark mode is expected soon

Paint in dark mode is expected soon

From Maximilian Home
Since the introduction of Dark Mode on smartphones, it has slowly but surely spread to computers. Microsoft has recognized this trend and now offers it for many parts of its operating system. Read more about Dark Mode for Upcoming Modified Paint in Windows 11.

Compared to Windows 10, Windows 11 has many design innovations that are eye-catching at first glance. This includes updated menus, emojis and rounded corners in windows. But most of all, Dark Mode has now been extended to most computer applications so that users can decide for themselves whether they want a black or white background.

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The last victim was Windows’ own editor, and now it’s Paint’s time. Mica and Fluent design features are also used in the paint, and you can test the dark mode for the older version of the paint on insider channels from September. The new paint version should be modern and classic and, above all, integrate the new look. So the new app has rounded corners and revised color selection.

News Paint on Windows 11

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However, the new paint is not finished yet, so some new features have not been implemented yet. However, users who prefer the previous paint can use the already dark mode A script To implement. In addition to Dark Mode, the new Paint for Windows 11 will also have a new function for color selection and editing and a modified overlay for changing the size and gradient. These innovations are based on new requirements for Windows UI policies and should be uniformly integrated into the overall Windows 11 concept.

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Beta testing for the updated paint is expected via insider channels early next year, while the final version will be available a few months later.

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