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Pacemakers should be kept away from iPhone 12 and Maxafe jewelry

Pacemakers should be kept away from iPhone 12 and Maxafe jewelry

For example, anyone equipped with a heart pacemaker or other medical device should use the iPhone 12 and its relatives, but also use Maxoff jewelry with a small safety margin. The apple is about 30 cm.

This means that in the case of pacemaker manufacturers, Apple devices should not be carried in a shirt pocket or jacket pocket. With other medical devices like insulin pumps located in different places, you definitely need to keep your distance.

Apple Writes: “Medical devices, such as fitted pacemakers and defibrillators, may have sensors that react to magnets and radio sources when in close contact. To avoid potential contact with these devices, keep your iPhone and Maxoff jewelry at a safe distance from your device (over six inches, or even wireless). Carriers should take into account the instructions that come from the device manufacturer.Of course, the whole thing does not apply to passive implants without electronics such as prosthetic joints.

Um Journal of Heart Rhythm It was recently pointed out that Apple’s iPhone 12 models could cause problems due to magnetic interference with fitted medical devices.

Of course, we do not want to paint the devil on the wall here, nor do we want to offer unacceptable medical advice. Contact your doctor if you are an implant carrier.

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