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?? Outside of Carmela ?? Free for five days now (28/11/2020)


Ernest Painter is proud to present the Kindle version His heart warming, harsh introductory novel Beyond your comfort zone, neatly explore the topic of getting involved in the bustling new world. Manipulating themes of new Friendship, self-examination, and courage within the unknown, Painter ?? S ??Outside of Carmela?? Moving and entertaining, providing plenty of food for thought and, no doubt, a wealth of self-reflection for readers.

Carmela An old female cat, she has been the main observer of the trip outside her window for the rest of her life. Now, she was doing something she had never done before: she looked around the corner of the window and stepped out. Facing the neighbor ?? Cats Shakespeare, Mozart, Rahu and Anastasia, The cat who once thought himself intelligent and well-versed in life now finds himself dealing with things he never had before: etc. Love, friendship, loyalty and self-identity. Setting a new, unique perspective on life’s trials and tribulations, ??Outside of Carmela?? It is imperative to warm the hearts of readers everywhere and bring new clarity.

?? Outside of Carmela ?? Now Free and available for download on Amazon for five days (November 28, 2020, December 2, 2020) Here:

?? Outside of Carmela ?? Rated 5 stars by book buyers. Some of the book review reviews include the following:

?? I loved the voice in this book! If you love cats, do you love Carmela’s outdoors ?? ?? Roslyn Guerrero

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?? This book brings a different light to the world of cats. I always wonder what conversations and adventures my cats have! ?? ?? Tamara Thalamandes

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About the author:
Ernest Painter has been reading books his whole life ?? Especially mystery novels (especially Agatha Christie!). He is the son of a librarian who has been selling books professionally for six years. Ernest lived between Austin and San Antonio, Texas, and now lives with ten cats in a small town near Austin ?? In the last count. She has studied and taught fine arts including drawing, painting and writing, and has set a personal goal of transforming everything in her home with handicrafts.

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 Outside of Carmela
 Contemporary fiction
 Ernest Painter
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