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Original Demo Got -

Original Demo Got –

Not everyone knows it Super Mario Brothers3 There was a demo PC version, A test ID software Evidence for that was finally discovered recently with the original demo recovered from the Strong National Museum.

The story of this PC version of Super Mario Brothers 3 is also found in the Masters of Doom book, which tells the various backgrounds of old ID software, later called Ideas from the Deep (IFT). Apparently, the game was processed within a week and a copy was sent Nintendo I hope to get a deal to distribute the game on the computer, but this did not happen because Kyoto refused the house.

Adapted from Super Mario Brothers 3 PC prototype curator Andrew Borman Museum of Play, Along with other software donated by an unidentified developer. This is a very interesting document, as evidenced by the specific technique adopted by the IFD to perform the scrolling job, especially in the fluid way, as shown in the video below.

The technique was developed John Cormack It is an algorithm Scrolling It was able to keep the screen motion smooth despite the size of the components, which was quite unusual in an age when PC games relied on switching between screens or significant stuttering.

However, the work done on Super Mario Bros. 3 was not entirely lost: accepted technical solutions, including this scrolling method, were later used to create Commander Keane, one of the first global hits of IT software.