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Open Video Downloader

Open Video Download, a free tool to download videos from (almost) anywhere

Until now, I used the most efficient 4K video downloader to download videos locally from YouTube and the like. But before it can be referred to as an open source and a completely free alternative, it responds to a less buzzing nameOpen the video downloader.

Discovered by someone from our community (I can not identify him, he reveals himself in the comments), Open Video Downloader is a small application for Windows (in electron and note. Js) that serves as a graphical interface youtube-dl.

Open the video downloader

Getting Started Baby Game: We insert the link of the video to recover, the software adds it to its playlist, we set the desired options (resolution, format) and start the machine.

Open Video Downloader allows you to download multiple videos at once (up to 32 in “Multitread”), but restore an entire playlist or a channel in just a few clicks. A little more undeniable, the tool works with private videos (this time only on YouTube, but it is evolving).

The application is retrieved by Official websiteAnd code is available for those interested Sir Gidhub.

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