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Only a few days left to download the Unreal Engine 5 demo

Only a few days left to download the Unreal Engine 5 demo

An exciting demo of the upcoming possibilities of the Unreal Engine 5 engine developed by Epic Games, “The Matrix Awakens” will not be running soon. The American developer is preparing to remove it from downloadable sites.

“The Matrix Awakens” demo under Unreal Engine 5 // By: Epic Games

The game of the future is taking shape today… but soon you won’t be able to taste it. Finally, while waiting for the next games to officially run on Unreal Engine 5, the amazing game engine designed by Epic Games (Next Overall effect And The Witcher, Redfall, etc) and this will lead to the next few months. The latter has announced the withdrawal of his demo The Matrix Awakens This allowed players to test the machine’s capabilities.

Withdrawal, but not deletion

According to the information published by the site Sports blog, Epic Games will pull the demo from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store. So if you don’t download the demo on your PS5 or Xbox Series X before July 9, 2022, you’ll no longer be able to frolic with Neo and co while walking around town or chasing down the road.

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If you have already downloaded and tried the demo, it will still be activated on your console. You have until Saturday, July 9 to add it to your library, then re-download it if you deleted it. Demo The Matrix Awakens Available for free.

However this demo is not published by the designer Fortnite To highlight the capabilities of its engine. Unreal Engine 5 was the first to show off the skills we’ve come to expect. After that we discovered two new features: NaniteFocuses on the geometry of environments without constraints based on the Nintendo Power view, and Lumen In particular it offers a new completely dynamic lighting management system.

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