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One Piece Chapter 1004 Summary

One Piece Chapter 1004 Summary

Chapter One Piece 1004 Posted in Weekly Shonan Jump N ° 11 (2021) Monday February 15, 2021 In Japan and globally on the site. He pulls out Friday, February 12 on the web. The first summary of the chapter and the first sketch are available.

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>>>See the first sketch of One Piece Scan Chapter 1004

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Chapter One Piece 1004: Kibi Tango

The chapter begins with Shinuchi’s pace.

Tama moved to Onikashima on Speed’s back.

Shinuchi and Gifters seem to be eating tangos to become allies.

Frankie vs Sasaki.

Nami uses “Thunder Tempo” on Aldi.

Usob shoots tangos towards enemies.

Black Maria tells Sanji something about Nico Robin (which we see in the painting.)

Pao Huang sees the Red Skopters with his talent.

King orders Black Maria to finish the Red Scorpions.

There seems to be an area of ​​Red Skopards protected by law, not just 9, but 10 according to Pao Huang.

The 10th person helps them.

Results. There will be a break next week. One Piece Chapter 1005 will be released February 26, 2021.

Sapitre Scan One Piece 1004

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