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On the switch, this game is impossible to finish!

This game has been available on eShop for 2 weeks now and no player has been able to finish it yet.

While this game is a must-have and a favorite of fans, it has been causing problems for players since it was released on the Nintendo Switch on June 8th. Old Republic Star Wars Knights II: The Sith Lords Made its big comeback in a redesigned version of Nintendo’s hybrid console A version that enhances the title of Bioware First published in 2005. The remake of this game officially restores deleted content from the original Opus for the first time, but to access it, you still have to finish. But so far no player has been able to achieve this feat.

The dark side of the remaster

There is no question here about the immeasurable difficulty in making the game endless by the players. The players tried everything, yet, Cotter II On is the switch Really impossible to finish. Reason: An error breaks the game at its source and prevents it from progressing halfway through the game.

It’s not uncommon to see games released in poor condition, but coming from a game port, this result is surprising (and disappointing). Surprisingly, the players went to the game-making studio to ask if they knew about this big problem. Aspire decided to play the honesty card and responded that he was fully aware of the problem in the next patch of the game and was in the process of fixing it soon.

Knights of the Old Republic II It had its stock issues when it was first released in 2005, but 17 years later at a time when technology is well advanced again making such a mistake shows the obvious lack of effort on the part of the teams at Aspyr. So hopefully the patch will come soon enough to allow players to continue their adventure.

Aspire is also responsible for the perceptionPS5 remake of the original Knights of the Old Republic, Whose release date has not yet been announced. I hope this new title is published without any unresolved errors