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OL POL-MK: Beware: Voicemail Fraudsters!  |  Press the portal

OL POL-MK: Beware: Voicemail Fraudsters! | Press the portal

02.08.2021 – 11:49

District Police Authority Marquis Greece

Menton / Marquisher Grease (votes)

“You have 1 new voicemail,” a man from Menton read on the display of his smartphone last week. The 73-year-old said he had to download a program to open the alleged embassy when he clicked on the voicemail. It was obviously malware, and it turned out: his smartphone then sent several hundred text messages subject to payment. His provider told him that his cell phone was infected with “Flobot” malware. Menton was able to remove the malware from the device according to his own reports. Nevertheless, the highest cell phone bill is likely to come with him soon. He complained to the police.

Voicemail information is reminiscent of the “package notifications” flood a few months ago. SMS landed on thousands of smartphones in multiple waves and spread like a chain letter. Anyone who follows the instructions in the SMS will automatically resell the package information. Even then, users downloaded malware on their devices, which caused damage in a variety of ways.

“FluBot” takes contact and bank data. Therefore, the police openly warn against downloading the app from unknown sources. It is better to simply delete pocket or voicemail messages like this! (Crisis)

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District Police Authority Marquis Greece
Police Press Office in Marquis Greece
Phone: +49 (02371) 9199-1220 to -1222
Email: [email protected]

Original Content: Sent by District Police Commission Marquis Greece, News Actual