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Official announcement at the end of the year?

Official announcement at the end of the year?

If we trust Thats Sopol, much is expected GTA VI Can advertise Advertising From November to next December. New Adventures in Organized Crime takes place in a revised Vice City of the game named after it was released in 2002. In this case, there is basically nothing new compared to the rumors that existed a few months ago.

What’s new is that if Thats Sopold’s claim is verified, the new Vice City could be hit by hurricane and crocodile attacks. Says the Instagram card GTA VI Will be five times larger than the existing largest map GTA V. What’s more, according to Thats Sopolt, Rockstar games can be inspiring Fortnight, Meaning to change its face in Vice City updates.

Improvements, of course, must be taken with the utmost care. On the Rockstar Games page, the unusual maneuver was recently performed on its official YouTube channel. The studio has actually banned the “key word” GTA6 In the comments to his videos. Is this a warning sign or is it completely out of our interest here? We will have to wait until the end of the year to find out.

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