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Octopus Traveler is one of the new free games!

Octopus Traveler is one of the new free games!

Except as already announced Arrival of Outlaws on the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft confirms immediate arrival Octopus Traveler And several video games on the digital list of its subscription service via Xploud on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Windows 10 PC and Android mobile computers.

Unexpectedly, the entry of gamers into Game Boss was not enough, and Redmond House surprised its users by announcing the arrival of the Xbox One and Series X / S. Octopus Traveler, In the Rolistic Gem Square Enix Already available on PC, Nintendo Switch and Google Play.

Scroll through the list of new titles to land on the Xbox Game Pass to realize Microsoft’s commitment to make your subscription’s playful offer even more unavoidable:

  • 16 Marso – Underdale (Xbox, PCE xCloud)
  • 18 Marco – Empire of Sin (Xbox, PCE xCloud)
  • March 18 – Near Automata (PC)
  • 18 Marco – Star Wars Scratchs Su EA Play (Xbox)
  • 18 Marco – Torchlight 3 (PC)
  • 25 Marco – Genesis Noir (Xbox EBC)
  • 25 Marso – Octopus Traveler (Xbox EBC)
  • 25 Marzo – Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – The Ultimate Edition (PC)
  • March 25 – Supraland (PC)
  • 25 Marco – Yakuza 6: Life Song (Xbox, PCE xCloud)
  • 30 Marzo – Narita Boy (Xbox, PCE xCloud)
  • April 1 – Adiders (Xbox and X Cloud)

With the announcement of the new batch of video games on Game Boss comes the regular communication on topics that are destined to leave the Microsoft service list. From March 31, Xbox Game Pass will not be available for a “free” Hyperdot (Xbox e PC), Journey to the planet Savage (Xbox) e Machine (PC).

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