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Not mentioned in the package 4 without multiplayer on PS5 and PC?  -

Not mentioned in the package 4 without multiplayer on PS5 and PC? –

Untitled: Collection – The Legacy of Thieves Its PS5 and PC May not have Multiplayer on Uncharted 4, According to reports from the latest classifications of the game, especially in the ESRB, although it is not yet definitive information.

We are still waiting for someone Exit date Untitled: Collection – The Legacy of Thieves, this topic may soon come under consideration as it was recently classified in Australia.

Precisely from the ESRB classification that has come out these days, the suspicion of non-multiplayer emergence from Uncharted 4 also awaits confirmation.

Usually, the presence of an online multiplayer game, in this category, with common symbols and categories, indicates the possibilities. Online communication With other players, but these notes do not seem strange in Uncharted: Collection – Legacy of Thieves’ interpretation.

It is also true that this classification may not be definitive, but even though the servers are still active and the multiplayer game is technically functional, Sony may have decided to remove the partition altogether as official support has been suspended for some time. On the PS4.

For now, we know that in the collection it will come first on the PS5 and the PC version is expected later, but we look forward to more accurate communications and other features of the collection in the release.

In addition to the presence or absence of multiplayer, we are awaiting official information on the technical details of the newer versions Resolution and legal ratio, Among other things.

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