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NordPass Family Plan: The solution to stop harassing with passwords

NordPass Family Plan: The solution to stop harassing with passwords

We see the proliferation of digital products and services constantly cheating between passwords and identifiers. We also carry out a significant number of banking operations that require the entry of sensitive information.

The solution is to access a password manager who will take care of the authentication process for you, to make things a little easier and avoid constant hassles, especially when using multiple machines. . In this domain, NordPass stands out with its family plan subscription This allows you to create six separate safe spaces. On top of that it integrates sophisticated functionality to detect any breaches in your accounts or share data with other family members.

For a few more days, subscribe The NordPass Family Plan offers 4.39 per monthWe explain everything you need to know about it:

What is the use of a tool like NordPass?

The first thing you need to know about NordPass is that it is designed to make your life easier.

As a cross-site password manager, it works on most popular operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. This feature ensures that you can locate all your accounts at the instant of your fingertips and move them from one computer to another without any hassle, be it Spotify, Netflix, Gmail or iCloud.

Since there is a family offer, you do not have to take many subscriptions to use the service with your loved ones, which is practical.

  • Manage your passwords:

Imagine not having to reset your password a hundred times just because you forgot your password (again): all your data will be synced automatically across all your devices and web browsers. For example, if you register a new account for VPN or Cloud service from your smartphone, it will be immediately accessible on your other devices, whether it is your home PC running Windows or your MacBook at work.

While this system is very effective NordPass will automatically detect passwords stored in your browsers. So you can import them immediately or download the CSV file containing the exported passwords from another password manager.

  • Save all your important digital data:

While NordPass primarily allows you to store and sync your passwords, it also has the ability to record secure notes for important items such as Wi-Fi or alarm code, which is highly practical on a daily basis. It works for bank details and all the personal information you need to fill in regularly, such as name, email address, and phone number when shopping online. This is important because these manipulations can be tiring when done on a family or small business scale.

  • Encrypt your data and create complex passwords:

When you save passwords via NordPass, they are automatically encrypted by the XChaCha20 algorithm and its AES-256 security National Security Agency Of the United States (NSA).

In addition to this protection you also have the option of creating complex passwords to protect the accounts you use. Most selected passwords in France can be understood in seconds, so this solution is particularly relevant.

NordPass offers its Data breach scanner, A highly efficient tool for checking your credentials and ensuring that they are not compromised during an attack.

  • Share your passwords with trusted contact:

Sharing passwords with loved ones or a family is not uncommon. Instead of sending them a message, Nordpass has a useful tool for encrypting them so that they are visible only to the recipient. You also have the option of defining emergency contacts who can easily access your data during an unforeseen event.

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A little reminder: The NordPass family subscription is only € 4.39 per month!