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Il Tar

No hunting for Tortora, Pochard and Lapwing

Sardinian Regional Administrative Court, by order of the Division I, 17 September 2021, n. 284, confirmed the cessation of hunting for wild turtle (Streptophelia tartur), already ordered by Presidential Order Sec. I, 1 September 2021, n. 259, and extended the suspension of the hunting season for Pochard (Aydia ferina) and Lapwing (Vanelles vanellus). As a precautionary measure, hunting for vodka (Scolopax rusticola) was reduced to a few weeks. Basically, the precautionary petition filed by the lawyer was accepted by the Sardinian executive judges. Carlio Augusto Melis Costa, Court of Cagliari, Legal Intervention Committee on behalf of environmental associations, WWF Italy, League for the Elimination of Poaching, ENPA, LAV, LIPU-BirdLife Italy, LNDC Animal Welfare, which challenged the Sardinian region of the calendar hunting 2021-20 ( Council Order n. 6846/13 on 23 August 2021) In the forecasts with unusual potential sports bags of hunting for the wild turtle, poacher and lapwing. Absurd toy bags of 539,805 turtles that can be killed by officially approved 35,987 hunters, 107,961 specimens of Pochard and 899,675 specimens of Lapwing.

The arguments of Sardinia’s Autonomous Region and the hunting associations Associate Nacional Liberacasia and Federcasia and the otherwise known political movement ethical choice (anti-intervention advertising) were rejected. Of the hunting calendar in BURAS n. 26 August 2021 49. The Sardinian TAR explicitly states that “the decision taken by the region will, as highlighted in the appeal, contribute to a significant deterioration of the conservation status of the species.” Hunting calendar byISPRA. And by the same wildlife surveillance carried out by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.
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In fact, “data from the winter survey of waterfowl prepared for the region were documented: – a modest increase in the population of two species during the last survey period, compared with a significant decrease in previous seasons. Slightly negative ‘, so “a significant moderate increase in the population of this species could be seriously compromised by reopening the permitted hunting with the controversial mandate.” A long series of the most rigorous audits of the island’s regional hunting calendars in recent years,[1] A regional administration is unfortunately subject to the pressures of hunting associations as opposed to the minimum general knowledge required to properly manage wildlife heritage. Will the region and hunting associations learn anything? It is reasonable to suspect …