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Nintendo to sell Pokemon Sword and Shield ‘full editions’ at 90 per cent

Game + Deployment Pass

As you now know, first-party Nintendo games rarely depreciate in the first few years of their existence. The same can be said about Pokemon sword And Shield, Which is still rolling with MS 60 MSRP. It looks like the upcoming “Full Issues” are going to use the same strategy.

The Pokemon Company recently announced that there is going to be a physical bundle for both if you are missing out Sword And Shield It was also packed in their season pass. Thanks for the Amazon listing for Pokemon sword, We now know how much it costs: $ 90. In short, this is literally the price of the game and the actual digital pass ($ 30), which comes with two DLC extensions.

So basically, if you want to be physically fit and not choose something new Pokemon In addition to the game, you can select this package or the original run and purchase the pass manually. The box says “No special download required” for the expansion pass. This new edition comes with 100 Poke Balls and a Picachu / EV uniform (first pre-order bonus).

The “Game + Expansion Pass” physical bundles will be released on November 6th.

Pokemon Sword + Pokemon Sword Deployment Pass [Amazon]

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