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Nintendo team growing after Luigi's Mansion 3

Nintendo team growing after Luigi’s Mansion 3

Following the announcement ofGetting to the next level of games by Nintendo, Public attention has increased behind the scenes of the Canadian software home.

So the reprint of some is not surprising Open positions The authors of Luigi Mansion 3 have aroused the interest of enthusiasts interested in learning the nature of the next project. Released in December, job search announcements were re-circulated Next level game To spread the company’s entry message in the family in context Nintendo. There are not many professional statistics searched by software home, but they include Producer, UI Artist, Art Production Manager e Tools Engineer.

Unfortunately, in the individual tabs dedicated to open positions, the next level games proved to be concise with details: in fact, there was no specific information that could provide clues about the nature of the team’s next plan. So at this point, we need to make sure that the development team is ready to expand, even following the acquisition of Nintendo. Then Luigi’s Mansion 3 was successfully launched, Authors can try their hand at a new scary adventure or return to one of the brands of the past like Punch Out. However, the option of a new IP cannot be ruled out: what does the team want to see at work?

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