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Nintendo Switch: The new Pokemon in February?

It should be a great Pokemon year for the 25th anniversary, and one of the highlights may be the new game coming out in February. As Pokemon Center Want to get exclusive experience, a classic planned for the switch.

Let’s see a remake of the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl version for the Nintendo Switch in February. However, the Google translation is not entirely clear. Looks like the game is still in February Published Is.


Both games are the first Pokமொmon titles for the DS series, released in 2006. So we were able to see the fourth generation of the Pokemon license remake, and there is good news (for me).

Pokemon Direct is probably on February 27th

We can get the style of Let’s Go games, but both titles should have a “classic” capture system. By the way, it is not the first proof of claim. There should be a Pokemon Direct in February, which will probably take place on February 27 (Official Pokemon Day).

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Nintendo Switch: Will there be a new tonking in 2021?

Will we see a new tanking again in 2021? A new topic will be delayed and there are always signs that such a game is coming. The latest information is provided through the app for Super Nintendo World. Amusement parkDecember 22, 2020 Read now