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Nintendo Switch: The most practical feature is finally available!

Nintendo Switch: The most practical feature is finally available!

Nintendo Switch version 14.0.0 deployment is an opportunity to give the manufacturer the feature expected by the players of this console: the opportunity to create groups of games and folders if you want! It is available from Tuesday, March 22, 2022! Finally a little setup in all these games! These files are not displayed, so they are available from the home screen of the console, but hey …

What are the Nintendo Switch Playgroup requirements?

To create game groups, you must first make sure your console is up to date Version 14.0.0 Or later version. You should tooAt least 12 games will be stored on your Nintendo Switch Otherwise the feature will not be available.

If the above prerequisites are met, the following consoles have access to sports teams:

  • Nintendo-Switch
  • Nintendo Switch family
  • Nintendo Switch Light
  • Nintendo Switch – OLED

How To Build Game Groups On Nintendo Switch?

To create a group of games, go to the home menu of your Nintendo Switch and scroll to the right until you have selected all the software features. Then press the key L Display each group of games you have on your JoyCon (if this is the first time you’re starting the process, nothing).


When you first start the process, a window will open and present itself to you Create a new group. Select it to create your first group games.

To create other groups later, press the Enter key. + In your JoyCon, confirm your desire to create a new party and repeat the previous step.


Once the console for creating a new group is confirmed, all the games you have will appear in a new window. Select the one you want to add to it one by one and then select Next.


You have the option to sort the order in which each game in this particular group should be displayed. Rearrange it as desired, then select Next.


The final step in creating a team is to naturally give it a name. Here again, according to the games that are usually included in this group, you can name it as you see fit: Mario games, Retro games, Games Pokemon, Zelda Games… There are so many examples!


After selecting the correct name, all you have to do is press OK At the bottom right of the screen. Your new group will appear in the list later GroupsAnd all you have to do is deploy your other games and software to tidy up your Nintendo Switch.


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