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Nintendo Switch: Pro Leak Firmware

Nintendo Switch Pro: Shows strong concept design and potential hardware

The Nintendo Switch Pro is on everyone’s lips, meanwhile there are plenty of leaks about the new model, undeniable growth. Now a video has appeared on the internet that adds to the biggest leaks of the past and also provides an incredibly beautiful concept design based on rumors. Is the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro like this?

Nintendo Switch Pro: The new concept shows fantastic fullscreen design

Display is one of the most interesting rumors about the new Nintendo Switch. Samsung will offer AMOLED panels and increase its size from 6.2 inches to 7.0 inches, while the actual dimensions will remain the same. Nintendo can do that by shrinking the edges around the current display. A designer on YouTube has now posted this idea right on the moving pictures as you can see in the video embedded below.

In addition, the new dock should offer the option of 4K release, which suggests that Nintendo is properly upgrading the hardware. We’re talking about a new ARM chipset from Nvidia that can make DLSS 2.0 more reliable. This will allow significantly higher frame rates on weaker hardware, which may speak well for use on the new Nintendo Switch Pro.

Ultimately, however, there is the question of whether older games will also benefit from the new hardware. Developers need to make appropriate changes to support potential new hardware. If the details mentioned in the video are actually correct, the new Nintendo console will be on par with the PS4 Pro. This report has been mentioned many times on the internet. There is no official information from Nintendo yet.

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