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Nintendo Switch Owners Report Download Issues After System Update •

Nintendo Switch Owners Report Download Issues After System Update •

Some Nintendo Switch users who have installed the latest system firmware update have reported having trouble downloading purchased games from their store history.

The problem appears under error code 2123-1502, for which there are steps on the Nintendo customer service site. But fans affected by this issue say that these do not fix the error in most cases.

A series of reports pointing to this error code surfaced this week when Nintendo released a minor, unimportant system update.

Nintendo stopped releasing the update on Wednesday and thereby announced Japanese Customer Service Twitter Account I found that the new firmware causes micro SDXC card and network connectivity issues. Relaunched a few hours later with a connection to the launch Frequently Asked Questions Some tips to try if you have any problems.

But, fans say, Nintendo’s steps will not always solve the problem. We have heard from many affected switch owners that they did not succeed in the above steps.

From a long thread entitled Reddit, Nintendo’s customer service in the United States is aware of this problem and will guide you through resetting your computer ‘s cache on the phone, however, this will not fix the error again.

“Glad to know this is not just me! I finally got the new Pokemon Snap, and I’m not happy it’s not downloaded hahaha,” Lord Zion45 said.

User Significative_King_970 wrote, “I have not been able to install anything from eShop since yesterday.” The system sometimes tells me that a game is installed on the SD card, and that the SD card needs to be reinstalled on the computer. However, I never had an SD card on my console.

Some users report getting lucky after manually changing DNS settings, although not everyone seems to agree.

In the meantime, we asked Nintendo UK for an update on what’s going on.

I hope Vindento does not introduce anything after E3 Direct next week with something problematic in eShop!

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