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Nintendo Switch Online will soon be expanded to include Game Boy games • JPGAMES.DE

Nintendo Switch Online will soon be expanded to include Game Boy games • JPGAMES.DE

Update, September 3, 2021: Journalist Tom Phillips from the famous magazine Eurocomer Has checked the situation with its own sources. In addition, one heard from sources that “other retro sites are also planned.”

Original article:

A lot of Nintendo fans are looking forward to the lineup Nintendo Switch Online Will soon be expanded to include another site. So far you can play NES and SNES games there. You may hear louder calls after playing N64 games. But according to current media reports, things should change differently.

Like VGC today Report, Game Boy and Game Boy Color Games will be added “very soon” to the NSO library. The press mentions Nintendo Life.

There, they found “the well-known insider” Nate Drake and his podcast “Nate The Hate“Nintendo Life, a very broad-based website, was able to verify this” with its own resources. “

The latest additions came when Nintendo made the Jelly Boy, Clematis and Snakebar available in July. Many fans were disappointed again. Anyway we talked in the shop about why the game choice deserves more respect (or precisely because of it).

The Nintendo Switch Online was initially only launched with NES games and was expanded in September 2019 to include SNES games. Since then, fans have been waiting to see when another platform will be added. The N64 was always in the room.

According to current rumors, fans should not believe about Game Boy Advance. This will also be supported as Nintendo is currently re-releasing Advance Wars 1 + 2 HD.

By the way, you can currently try the Nintendo Switch online again for free.

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