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Nintendo Switch Online: Four games on the menu, including Mega Man: The Wily Wars - News

Nintendo Switch Online: Four games on the menu, including Mega Man: The Wily Wars – News

An homage to the blue robot three times instead of once in Mega Man: The Wily Wars, a collection of the first three episodes of the Capcom saga, here enhanced for Sega’s 16-bit. Rather than a simple set of ports, the game lets you unlock a series of additional levels called Willy Tower, which features three robot masters to fight and a new final boss at the end of the path.

Quickly recognizable by its art direction that simulates comic strip boards, Comics Zone is a beat’em up released late in the Mega Drive’s life. Think back to 1995, when the first 3D games for the PlayStation and Saturn were integrated into the demonstration terminals installed in stores. Then again, between the game’s extreme difficulty, its mediocre lifespan, and the fact that it’s limited to one player, it’s hard to say that Comix Zone really had the potential to become an essential part of Mega Drive.

Speaking of difficulty, Target Earth lands there. Released in Japan under the name Assault Suit Leynos, a remake of which has been available since 2016 on PS4 and PC, this shoot’em-up comes from Masaya Studio, which controls a mecha that we’ve recently discovered or rediscovered on current platforms like the Gleylancer, Moto Roader MC and especially Topics like Gynoug.

Finally, go to Toaplan to find Zero Wing. Beyond the humor, critics of the time were divided on this port of the arcade, scoring a paltry 28/40 on the Famitsu to 90% on the Joypad.

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