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Nintendo Switch: In Rune Factory 5 and Mitobia videos

Nintendo Switch: In Rune Factory 5 and Mitobia videos

Enjoy a personalized crazy adventure that appears on May 21, 2021 on Nintendo Switch, in Mitobia, with your friends, family or anyone you choose.

Important innovations:

  • Makeup and Vix: In Mitobia, your miss will be even more amazing with glamorous wicks, colorful hairstyles and makeup to suit every taste.
  • Easy to create and share Mii characters: You can easily share the Miis characters you created on Miitopia with friends using the access key *; Even in different roles, you can use them to expand another mitobia game.
  • Unusual Classes: Those who do not want to use a sword or staff can fight with a microphone as a pop star or with a pan on a chef’s skin. Playing with cats is very possible! There are many classes for your group.
  • Personality matters: Each member of the group has their own unique personality. Depending on his mood, his actions in battle may vary. A good clergyman can protect other true characters in the party, but he may want to leave his enemies. A stubborn scientist, meanwhile, may attack twice, but refuses to help his allies.
  • A Loyal Stead: No team is complete without a proud horse on its side. By spending time with the animal, you can earn its loyalty. The horse will help you on the battlefield by allowing you to carry mounted attacks.
  • Accommodation and nightlife: Relax in a hostel after defeating terrible enemies. Recover your strengths and develop a relationship between your Mii characters. If you keep party members in the same room, their friendship will naturally develop. To deepen their relationship, you can take them to many places like cafe or cinema.
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Embark on a great adventure in an imaginary world with the latest additions to the simulation roll-flaming game series Rune Factory. After losing his memory, the hero lands in a small town blessed by nature. Here he is appointed by the peacekeeping team, and his new career begins. In addition to his usual tasks the hero can cultivate land, fish in the nearby river and much more! Join the villagers to fight the monsters and unleash powerful combo attacks – one of the new additions in this series. The stage is set, and the screen rises in an exciting new adventure in Rune Factory 5!

Rune Factory 5 will be released on May 20 in Japan. There is no release date yet for Europe and North America, but the game is scheduled for release in 2021 in these regions.