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Nintendo Switch Bundle Prime Day Deals Sold - Stocks Remaining

Nintendo Switch Bundle Prime Day Deals Sold – Stocks Remaining

Although 2020 is the year of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the last few months have seen great runs for Nintendo.

Despite being a three-year-old console, the Nintendo Switch is selling like hot cakes, becoming one of the most sought after products in the country during the lockdown, as the country looks to Mario and co for entertainment.

Some of the best Nintendo Switch games have come out this year, with a small game called Animal Crossing catching millions of people to catch bugs, dig for fossils and pay rent to a talking raccoon.

Nintendo Switch consoles are back in stock for Prime Day, but before we hit lunch time the first day we already could not see many bundles in stock. The Flash Nintendo Switch Prime Day deal with Ring Fit also took place this morning.

Below, let’s take a look at what’s left for this Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch. Update: Some are included Nintendo Switch Light Bundles Back to stock.

Remember to take part in the Prime Day you need Sign up for Amazon Prime. You can Get a 30 day free trial, Which includes other benefits such as Prime Video.

Nintendo Switch Bundle Deals

Unfortunately, the discounted Nintendo Switch bundles are now on sale – the first day in Prime Day 2020. But you can still get your hands on it Nintendo Switch Lite And Gray Nintendo Switch, As well as other bundles, but these are no longer visible for sale.

Nintendo Switch Light Bundles Back to stock though.

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Nintendo Switch bundles and consoles are still in stock

You can still bag the following products on Amazon‌, but sadly they are not looking at deals.

Nintendo Switch Light Different Colors + Monopoly or Minecraft

Nintendo Switch and Monopoly

Nintendo Switch – Neon Red / Neon Blue + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

This bundle includes the classic neon red and neon blue console as well as everyone’s favorite: Mario Kart. This is the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which includes five new fun characters and 48 tracks.

Nintendo Switch Light – Turquoise

Nintendo Switchlight Turquoise £ 199

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switchlight does not dock your TV – but it is the perfect powerhouse for handheld gaming. So hit games like Animal Crossing, The Legend of Zelda, and many other upcoming video games can be played absolutely anywhere, this is the console for you.

Nintendo Switch Light – Yellow and Animal Crossing

Nintendo Switch Light and Animal Crossing Bundle £ 238.99

Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Light Bundle

If you do not like turquoise and are interested in bagging the game with your switch, this bundle deal comes with the ever-popular Animal Crossing and yellow light console.

Nintendo Switch (Gray)

Buy Nintendo Switch (Gray) for 279.99

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

This standard switch model, however, can switch between TV docking and handheld gaming – really fits the name. Everyone is flying on switch shelves during lockdown to play Animal Crossing and other Nintendo classics – so now’s the right time to see what you’re missing:

Prime Day Nintendo Switch Game Deals

If you’ve already bagged a bundle, you can make the most of the Nintendo Switch games on offer below:

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Nintendo Switch (Neon Red / Neon Blue) with Animal Crossing New Horizons – Sold

Getting your hands on a switch and animal crossing at the beginning of the year is hard. The Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing bundle was in stock and on sale on Amazon Prime Day, but it sadly sold out.

Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing

Nintendo Switch Neon (red / blue), sold by Sports Party, Ramon Legends and monopoly

Nintendo Switch

It’s not Prime Day without a good bundle deal – it’s Snazzy Neon Nintendo switch and download codes for all three digital games, but now it’s sold out. All three are great party games that support multi-party players – fun for all family members.

Nintendo Switch Neon (red / blue) with Bioshock: The Collection and Borderlands Legendary Collection – Sold Out

This generous switch bundle comes with three games in the BioShock franchise and another three Borderland games.

Are there any other Prime Day gaming deals?

To go with some games shiny new console, you can get right now 20% of Ubisoft games Such as Assassin’s Creed And 31 percent savings Doom Eternal: Deluxe Edition. Sees another deal 25% off for selected Nintendo Switch and PS4 games, Including Zumanji: Video Game, Grand Theft Auto V and Snow Runner. You can also read our complete list of gaming deals.

For more switch inspiration, you can also check out our list of the best switch microSD cards, best switch power banks and best switch accessories to make sure your new portable console is fully kit.

Don’t forget to make the most of Prime Day deals, you need to Sign up as an Amazon Prime member. You can get a free trial for 30 days.

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