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Nintendo site changes signal the end of 3DS portability

Nintendo site changes signal the end of 3DS portability

Nintendo officially removes the 3DS segment from its official website, which begins to mark the end of the handheld drive.

It’s hard to believe that the Nintendo 3DS is almost a decade old. Since its relaunch in 2011, the 3DS and its various models have enjoyed a wealth of success over the past several years. As of today, Nintendo has changed the layout of its official website to reflect the current status of the 3DS.

In September 2020, Nintendo unfortunately discontinued the 3DS. For many in the gaming community this was a sad occasion, but also a fair occasion. 3DS has not been around for many years, especially in the last two years. As a result of the shutdown, Nintendo has done something to further mark the end of the handset’s business flow.

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As of today, Nintendo has removed the 3DS section from its official Nintendo website. For now, the only hardware tabs available on the Internet are exclusively Nintendo Switch, Its various parts and amoeba. Fans on Twitter have started noticing this and then started paying homage to the loss of 3DS.

For those in the gaming community who have deep ties with 3DS, this comes as very sad news. Since the introduction of the Nintendo DS in 2004, the DS lineage handhelds have provided a significant percentage of the gaming population over the years. However, 3DS in particular has gained a lot of attention and popularity for a variety of reasons, including a wide variety of games.

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How long the 3DS lasted, the handset went through several iterations, each of which saw a fair share of its success. The 3DS XL, 2DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL have been well received by many in the gaming community. However, since none of these handsets are in production right now, it will be interesting to see where Nintendo goes from here.

It is clear that the Nintendo Switch was made with the intention of serving as a kind of middle ground between a console and a portable, but it is now unclear whether Nintendo will develop any portable portable systems. After all, Sony launched the P.S. Vita switched to making game consoles only after discontinuation. Only time will tell if the gaming community will see any revenue for portable Nintendo consoles.

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