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Nintendo should remove it 2 years after the release of a game

Nintendo should remove it 2 years after the release of a game

Mario’s first big failure?

Mario is part of the license The most popular video games. Mustache plumber is known to players of all generations and a large majority have certainly tried at least one of his adventures. Proof that the saga is as popular as ever, Super Mario 64 recently broke the game’s record The most expensive in history. But not once in a while, even a Mario degree can experience a terrible defeat. Nintendo was forced to shut down the game service 2 short years after its release.

Final applause for Dr. Mario World

The game in question may not talk as much as a Mario Kard 8 deluxe or a Super Mario Odyssey, which constantly hits the target. Released on mobile in 2019, Dr. Mario World did not meet with the expected success. The freeway was halfway between Puyo Puyo and Candy Crush. But its economic model will allow players to get diamonds based on the micro transactions in the game.

Dr. Mario World will be taken offline on November 1 at 8 a.m. French time. Buying diamonds, dies to this day. Nintendo is not yet a major feature of mobile gaming. Switch and its sales Future Switch OLED To give the Japanese manufacturer even more smiles.

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