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Nintendo shares insights into the first prototype of the Super Mario Brothers, creates FLUDD, why employers get 3 wins, and more

Nintendo shares insights into the first prototype of the Super Mario Brothers, creates FLUDD, why employers get 3 wins, and more

The Washington Post has put together a great interview with one of Nintendo’s biggest names, in which they talk about Mario game development and more. We have already shared some excerpts from the interview in separate posts, but have now incorporated the whole feature for even more insight. Check out the comments by Shikeru Miyamoto, Takashi Tesuka, Yoshiaki Koizumi, and Kenta Motokura.

On the first prototype of Super Mario Brothers.

“It gave me a unique feeling that I had never experienced before. As the development progressed, as we got more opportunities to see the reactions and records of the Test players, I began to get a real sense that we were creating something new. I never thought it would become a franchise that would last for decades. . “- Desuka

When creating Super Mario 64

“At that time there were no jumping activities in 3D that we could mention, so we were happy to meet all the trials and errors with Mr. Miyamoto and other team members. It was hard work, but that feeling was preceded by the joy of being an innovator in a new field. With the games, we continued the difficult, yet interesting work of figuring out how to make use of 3-D spaces and make the adventure feel more powerful on an emotional level. “- Koizumi

Super Mario Odyssey does not use the painting-style level approach of Super Mario 64

“Also, for Super Mario Odyssey, we don’t want to use a system that sends players on a journey by going through a sketch because the central theme of the game is travel and fun adventures. By discovering a new type of game we decided which elements to put in a game and which ones are the best. ”- Motocura

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Regarding creating FLUDD for Super Mario Sunshine

When we created ‘Super Mario 64’ it came from the difficulty of manipulating the FLUDD 3-D space in ‘Sunshine’. To make it easier to navigate a platform, we have developed a hover feature that allows characters to fall slowly, such as with low gravity. Since it is difficult to stop enemies in ‘Super Mario 64’, we have created ways to defeat them using water. ”- Desuka

In the creation of Super Mario Run

“In order to give players the feeling that comes with efficient control, we started with the idea that we should combine cool-looking park action. But again, if we could not get the desired experience in an action game from our prototypes, in other words, we have an idea. We do not run dangerously. We find something that works first, and then we work hard at it, which is why we do not worry when the work is hard. ”

On the manga affecting Miyamoto’s design process

“The four panels provide a beginning, development, twist, and end to create funny stories. This concept is the foundation for script writing in Japan. I use it often when creating games.” – Miyamoto

On why most bosses get three wins in the Mario game

“Experts say that people are very good at dealing with three things mentally, and we often use three things as a perfect number.” – Miyamoto

In exciting sequels from previous Nintendo games

“Every time we finish a game it stimulates us to want to do more, and that feeling is what drives us to create the next game. I think this will continue to be true not only for ‘Super Mario’ titles, but in the future as well. I think every Nintendo game in general has the potential to promote future Nintendo games. My job is to see that. ”- Koizumi

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Miyamoto working with younger Devs

“I’ve met with younger staff a few times to talk about my experience, but it’s not like comparing them to one. I treasure the moments I have with younger developers. Every time I work with young people, I feel like many of them have a lot of talent. I have been working with them recently in the hope that it can help them think. ”