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Nintendo sends man back his wedding ring after Wii U repairs

Nintendo sends man back his wedding ring after Wii U repairs

Nintendo had to send back his wedding ring to a fan after his Wii U was repaired. Amsam_nama released an account of what happened on social media after sending it to his console for a quick diagnosis. You can imagine his surprise when Nintendo sent him back a wedding instead of the Wii U in question. How did it get there? Well, according to the man, his second daughter caught it right there. It’s also funny with the image of a woman trying to insert a ring into a disk slot like a wild story, an old coin-of-the-arcade machine. Luckily for everyone, it’s all sorted out. The man answered his Wii U question and withdrew a wedding band. Nintendo now has a frenetic customer service story. Hopefully, this is the last time like this for them.

But, at other times this week, they are busy. Doug Bowser, President of Nintendo in the United States, sat down with a Nintendo Power to discuss a number of issues. For everyone wondering what the Joy-Cons for Switch is, he tried to provide some answers.

He started, “First and foremost, we want every consumer to have a great experience with their Nintendo Switch and the games they play on the Nintendo Switch. That is very important to us. Our aim is to put smiles on faces. We want to make sure that happens. If consumers have any problems with our hardware and / or software, we would like them to contact us and we will pick them up with the right solution and run it as soon as possible. “

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“Joy-Cons mentioned to themselves, we work very closely with consumers if they have problems, whether it be a replacement or a repair,” Bowser added. “Then, what I’m going to say is, when we look at our repair cycles, we always look at what is being shipped, and for what reasons, and understand it well. Without going into any details, it’s always an opportunity for us to make improvements as we progress.”

Therefore, for individuals dealing with a less bizarre technical problem, vision may be an end in itself. But, so far a lot of players are already tired of how this has been handled. However, not all of us are stuck in a strange situation with a switch cartridge port … yet.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen someone put on a console? Let us know in the comments!