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Nintendo Player |  Mitobia: The new Nintendo exclusive is available from today

Nintendo Player | Mitobia: The new Nintendo exclusive is available from today

The video game, which celebrates human relationships and friendships, finally lands Nintendo Switch e Nintendo Switch Light.

Nintendo from today, May 21, 2021, Mitopia Available in both physical and digital versions Nintendo Switch e Nintendo Switch Light. Humor and fun meet in this new and very original fantasy video game based on the relationships between the characters. In Mitopia Players will choose who will be on their side in battle, customize their mice to the smallest detail and be as they please.

As in reality, avatars Nintendo They can create bonds of friendship that can affect the gaming experience. Official release of the title before leaving here:

In Mitopia Per Nintendo Switch, Players can embark on an exhilarating, highly customizable adventure. Fans can have fun and discover unique features related to the creation and customization of the mascot, create new characters, show off glamorous wigs, colorful hairstyles and all kinds of makeup. You can also easily share mays with friends using the passcode, so you can use them to expand another copy of the game into different characters as well.

In fact, every character in the group leaving the adventure is from the most classic to the most extraordinary: anyone who does not want to brand a sword or stick can fight a microphone like a pop star or wield a character against enemies in a chef’s shoes. Others may even like the cat or the flower! Mitobia is perfect for playing with the Nintendo Switch Lite, which is compatible with all Nintendo Switch software, including a small, lightweight console with integrated controls and portable mode.


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