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Nintendo Player | Beautiful Garden Story will be released in the summer

Nintendo Player | Beautiful Garden Story will be released in the summer

We are constantly getting new information on interesting topics coming out soon Nintendo Switch: Once today Garden story.

Here we are, promising indie titles Garden story Will be released next summer Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Light e PC (Steam). The announcement was unexpectedly made on the official profile Twitter To celebrate, the title has also released a new trailer for the event. We remind you of that Garden story Presented for the first time during the August streaming event last year “Indy World”Organized Nintendo To reveal upcoming independent topics.

In between adventures, take some time to talk to other Greenlings who live in The Crow. Who do you know? You can open a custom memory in the Concord way. More than 48 hidden memories from around the world strengthen the young ranger and give them statistics like extra health, running speed, luck and many more.

Relax in a primitive world provided with practical pixel art. Settle on a cozy island with a melody that includes warm sounding instruments and mesmerizing synth elements. Be a defender every day and fight enemies who threaten peace, but never forget the real goal: to cultivate love and trust wherever Concord goes.


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