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Nintendo Mario delivers movie news and opens the door to other adaptation projects

A Super Mario animated film has been around for years without revealing anything on Light, Nintendo and Universal. But that doesn’t mean things are going badly. Nintendo wants to participate in other projects of this type.

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Nintendo held recently Summarize Nintendo Corporate Management Policy. Many of the subjects Kyoto has addressed in the past have been adaptations of its film licenses. The Japanese producer took the opportunity to deliver the news of the most brilliant Super Mario film under construction for almost three years.

If Nintendo had relied, there was a time when the film would be ready for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (the event was postponed to next year due to the Govt-19 epidemic), which has not yet had a release date. Thanks to Nintendo’s new reports, we now have a better idea of ​​when this first Super Mario 3D movie will be released:

The CGI movie Mario is another way for Nintendo to bring entertainment to a wider audience. Its theatrical release is scheduled for 2022. The production of the film is progressing well with the collaboration of Illumination, the studio’s founder and CEO Chris Meledantri and Shigeru Miyamoto, who is famous for Minions films. Here he plays the role of Nintendo’s representative director and co – producer. The film will be distributed worldwide by Universal Pictures.

We have already started several expansion projects related to visual content and are looking for other opportunities in this category. As we said before, the Super Mario movie is funded by both Nintendo and Universal Pictures and we are actively involved in its planning, development and production. In the future, efforts to expand visual content may not be limited to films. The size of our investments depends on the type of project, but we will continue to invest in these types of recreational expansion efforts to increase the number of people accessing our licenses.

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Nintendo therefore recommends that it provide other content, such as the series, in addition to other images under these licenses. With long caution about the idea of ​​turning his works into movies, the Japanese glove now sees these adaptations as a means of introducing non-player audiences to its characters and the universe. It remains to be seen whether these types of projects will come out and what form they will take.

Are you interested in the CGI movie Super Mario? What kind of adaptations do you think Nintendo’s licenses deserve to have? Tell us in the comments below.