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Nintendo launches biggest TMCA downgrade, games created by 379 fans forcibly removed

Nintendo launches biggest TMCA downgrade, games created by 379 fans forcibly removed

After Nintendo of America released a major TMCA downgrade, games created by a total of 379 fans were removed from the Cam Jolt gaming website and hosting service.

As announced Torrent FreakNintendo sent the TMCA announcements to the offending site in December of the U.S. Law Commission. Warning, this Published online Camzold co-founder and CEO Yabrak DiCarmain says: “Some material posted on the website at violates Nintendo’s trademarks. Nintendo is asking to disable public access to certain pages of the website located on Gamezold. com based on the following information. “

This document lists the URLs of fan-generated games and programs that Nintendo claims violates its trademarks. “These web pages link images of Nintendo video game characters to unauthorized online games that copy Nintendo video game characters, music and other features,” the announcement said. “The website earns revenue from banner ads displayed on the site and from ads placed while users wait for games to load.”

TorrentFreak claims that many game developers and fans of offensive programs are stuck in security, although Nintendo’s mention of ad revenue generated on the site’s game pages makes clear the reason for the withdrawal. Nintendo demanded the removal of the game pages, but did not seek any financial compensation.

While most of the affected games are out of play, some, such as a game called “Yoshi’s Five Nights”, reload all ads. Its creator says: “After analyzing it, I think the reason for removing this game is that it’s profitable from the ads on the game side.”

Nintendo’s legal team has a reputation for being incredibly efficient when it comes to its intellectual property; In recent months, the company a The popular Zelda title was created by fans And A Twitch and Dictok star sued.

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