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Nintendo has released an official announcement on discontinuing 3DS production

Nintendo has released an official announcement on discontinuing 3DS production

As we all welcomed and celebrated the return of Mario’s best moments last week, we also said goodbye to one of Nintendo’s great achievements. After nine years of service, production for the Nintendo 3DS is over.

Nintendo has now issued one Official statement on the matter to “We can confirm that the manufacture of the Nintendo 3DS family of systems is over. Nintendo and third party games for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems [sic] Available on Nintendo eShop, and at retail. ”

We do not see Nintendo offering any new software for the advanced system, however, the company rightly points out the high caliber of the current software lineup that this system has accumulated over the past decade. “The current Nintendo 3DS game library has more than 1,000 critically acclaimed titles and offers years of content to explore and enjoy.”

The spokesperson stressed that players can continue to enjoy online features and services. “We have no intention of ending existing online services for Nintendo 3DS Family Systems. Online Play and Nintendo Ishop will continue to be available and will be able to access and re-download all previously purchased content in the future.”

With the hybrid nature of the Nintendo Switch offering both a portable play and home console experience, it seemed inevitable that in recent years Nintendo would eventually switch and focus solely on the console. Still, the era of the 3DS is an incredible time for gaming, and the impact on the industry cannot be underestimated. Goodnight, Sweet Prince.

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