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7 nouveaux jeux annoncés sur Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has officially confirmed the release of a new version of the anti-theft Switch

Nintendo has spoken publicly and confirmed that it has previously released a new version of the shift against piracy.

Nintendo of America filed a lawsuit against Team Xecuter hacker Gary Bowser last year, resulting in a 40-month prison sentence. New information about the case has been released following the release of court documents. With these documents, you can hear what Nintendo has to say about Bowser’s impact on its Switch hardware. Although many believe that the updated model was released in 2018 in the hopes of preventing theft, this is the first time Big N has officially acknowledged it.

During the trial, Bowser’s lawyer said he had already spent most of his waiting period in solitary confinement due to illness and other health problems. This seems to be the reason why Bowser was sentenced to 40 months in prison instead of the 60 months sentence demanded by the government. Although Nintendo did not agree, the judge realized that Bowser would not do it again, but he did want to send a message.

In response to one of these hacking tools Nintendo had to release a newer version of its hardware, and this change required countless hours of engineering and adjustment in our global production and distribution chains and, of course, the resources to do so. Clearly, these effects are a direct result of the attack on our technological security measures by the Defendant and Team Secretary.