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Nintendo hacks fan switch and finds secret features

Nintendo hacks fan switch and finds secret features

A Reddit user wants to play on a hacked switch. Image source: Getty Images / Arnrin

With the switch, Nintendo can inspire thousands of fans every day. A Reddit user still wants to use the hacked version of the console. There he will find some features that the Japanese video game legend has stopped you from doing.

What secret features are hidden in the switch?

Reddit user “Sytonkitty” has a hacked Nintendo switch. However, according to her own statement, he did not want anyone with her Theft games To play. In one Post by more than 10 thousand votes He now explains which features were “unlocked” by the intervention.

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It is now possible to change the background image of your main menu with your own photo as you wish without any problems. Additionally, the console may run abruptly while running Android WiFi signal from three times the distance And obtained at five times the speed. In theory, the bad signal from the Nintendo Switch can be fixed with a simple connection.

But the possibilities do not end there. The “Psydonkity” switch actually writes a Nvidia shield with a screen May be. This makes it possible for the modified version to stream games, pictures or the entire system to the switch.

Nintendo You need to buy games for the switch

A web browser is also hidden in the console. A feature also included in the Wii and DS families. “Sydonkitty” shows frustration Nintendo blocks all these components from gamersHowever, this may convince many people to buy a switch.

In the comments, however, there are some attempts to explain the lack of features. And so on Nintendo wants to sell games above all else. Any additional interest such as streaming will distract customers from that goal. A browser has been used in the past to hack consoles such as the WiiU to play pirated games.

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Some hide in the switch The secret elementsThat Nintendo was blocked from you. What do you think about the additional features of the hybrid console? Please visit our Facebook page and write to us in the comments.

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