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Nintendo discusses a return to Brazil, revealing that it should not bring physical sports to the country;  See also - Re: Jerusalem

Nintendo discusses a return to Brazil, revealing that it should not bring physical sports to the country; See also – Re: Jerusalem

Since 2015, Nintendo has surprised the Brazilian people by announcing its official return to the country on September 4th with the introduction of the Nintendo Switch in Brazil. Although Anadell’s endorsement had already mentioned this opportunity, the Big My device was already registered, long before its arrival, which did not ultimately provoke much suspicion.

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Initially, the Japanese company Joy Cons only made the traditional video game model available in the national market, with the exception of digital versions of the Pro Controller and games. There are plans to bring in a switch light, but unfortunately the device should not appear here until next year.

Now Nintendo has released more details about its strategy for Brazil, in an interview with Romina Whitlock, the company’s marketing director for Latin America, on Taekwondo’s website. The executive discussed the return of the manufacturer to the country, the restrictions imposed by the tax, the location of the Portuguese and so on. Check:

Returning to Brazil

Asked about Nintendo’s return to Brazil, Romina explains that the move was part of a two – year plan launched in 2018 with the launch of the local ESAB. In addition, players who already had the console were able to access more of the games easily, so there was no need to use international cards as they could pay through methods such as Polto.

Other highlights quoted by Whitlock include the company’s contribution to the Brazil Game Show 2018, in addition to creating country-based social media channels. After the hardware changes, especially in the electrical connection to match local outlets, the switch was then launched to retailers that already officially sold games such as Lojas Americanas and the magazine Louisa, “to deliver it all in one place”.

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Digital games and localization

Regarding the fact that only digital media games are available here, Romina says cartridge fees and taxes are the main obstacle, which led the company to push body shape. The Director of Marketing also stressed the importance of local ESAP allowing for easy distribution around the world.

With regard to localization, Whitlock says he is focusing on expanding the list in Latin America, with no translation plans at the moment. According to him, Nintendo’s Brazilian office is still large enough to serve the largest region integrated by the team. Everything is done quietly, thus ensuring a long stay.

Role of technical assistance

Finally, Romina underscored the importance of technical assistance in Brazil, which Nintendo is proud of considering the quality of service it provides. Based on Sao Paulo, support is provided by an authorized representative, and has also been analyzed by Detective Dot Cellular, which describes the repair request process, service security, status of imported consoles, and more.

Reader, what about you? What do you think of Nintendo’s strategy when it comes to Brazil? Tell me in the comments!