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Nintendo Connect Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Nintendo Connect

Nintendo Connect Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Nintendo Connect

Merry and healthy Christmas to all of you!

Although 2021 is completely different than expected, we look forward to informing you with the mask and freshly disinfected hands, and we hope to provide you with useful hardware and software recommendations from the Nintendo universe.

Our options and plans may not always be implemented, but we have considered a new curriculum for 2022, which will give the cottage more momentum. So, we would like to thank again all the readers, friends and business associates who have given us a lot of support this year and will be back early next year! The shop would not work here without you – thank you!

As always, we were happy with this, if you want to continue to help us, please visit our support page because we list some options. At this point, we would like to especially thank everyone who visits our website regularly, for our news and generally for our commitment on all our social media channels. While it’s a little hard in the comments each time, the Nintendo Connect community holds its heart in the right place, and we’re very excited about it.

We hope you have survived the past months mentally and healthily, and wish you a lot of strength, better health, better friends and a family that you can endure for years to come. So far I am satisfied with mine …

In the days leading up to New Year’s Eve there is nothing to do without news reports. Nintendo Connect is not yet an entertainment project, but the heart and my core work. So you will not release me so soon!

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With this in mind, I wish you – and my colleagues – a Merry Christmas and lots of nice gifts. It doesn’t matter if it is physical, digital or personal.