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Nintendo case … Bowser, he’s not thinking of you

It has nothing to do with Super Mario’s iconic villain and Nintendo’s President Doug of the United States: it’s Gary Bowser, Team Secretary;

Not two without threeSays the old proverb. However, in this case One-third is definitely multiple. The ‘Third Bowser‘, In fact, has been prosecuted by Nintendo Crimes related to theft; But let’s reconstruct the story properly.

Canadian Gary Bowser He was arrested last October on suspicion of A Cabo Dell Team Xecuter, A combination of popular ‘modifications’ required to run on various consoles of the large N – not only – Counterfeit software.

In addition to the natural course of ordinary justice, Canadians have also recently ‘According to ‘Bowser, President Doug from Nintendo, USA, A Bowser control Bowser By taste Smashiano.

In the last filed complaint April 16In fact, Gary Bowser is a “Leader of the hacking and theft community” That “Has caused great damage to Nintendo’s intellectual property for years“.


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