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Nintendo Being Over Switch Joy-Con Drift Again

Nintendo Being Over Switch Joy-Con Drift Again

Although the Nintendo Switch was a huge success, the system faced a permanent problem throughout its life: Joy-Con Drift. This issue has led to numerous lawsuits against the company and the latest is seeking $ 5 million in damages. The suit is being brought by Luz Sanchez and her son, who is unnamed in the suit because he is a minor. Sanchez bought the Nintendo Switch for his son in December 2018, claiming that within a year Joy-Con Drift was “too pronounced, the controllers could not work for normal gameplay use”. Sanchez replaced the set seven months later, she said.

According to the filing obtained Wired, Nintendo will continue to market and sell products “with full knowledge of the flaws and without exposing Joy-Con Drift error to consumers in its marketing, promotion or packaging” Sanchez takes issue. Nintendo has acknowledged this issue in the past, but has not made the issue known to the general public.

For beginners, Joy-Con Drift is a condition that records switch console movement, even if the analog sticks are not physically moved by the player. It is unclear how prevalent the problem is, but it seems to be a common occurrence for most switch owners. As of July 2019, Nintendo has offered a complete overhaul of Joy-Cons, which suffers from this problem, even if they are not covered by the system’s warranty.

A class action lawsuit was filed against Nintendo over this issue and is now mediated. Similarly, the French Consumer Group has also complained to the company about this issue. It is impossible to say which of these lawsuits will be successful, but it will be interesting to see how the courts govern.

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Rumors have been circulating for some time that Nintendo is planning a newer, more powerful version of the switch hardware. None of these rumors have been proven, but it is safe to say that the new version of Joy-Cons will have a high priority. This will have no effect on the current legal issues of the company and may prevent this from happening in the future.

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