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Ninjala x Rurouni Kenshin

Ninjala: Collaboration with Rurouni Kenshin Animation Announced – ntower

In the free-to-play-title Ninjala As is well known, the anime has rarely collaborated with the world. So the new event will also be collaborative with animation Ruruni Kenshin It comes with a variety of items and sporting events.

If the anime did not tell you, Ruruni Kenshin first aired in January 1996 in Japan. It was discontinued in 1998 with 94 episodes. In this country you can enjoy animation only through Netflix. Now GungHo Entertainment brings new inspiration to the 25-year-old animator and presents the event as a fitting one. Trailer:

Players can now buy a T-shirt designed by Ruroni Kenshin for 500 Jala at the Shinobi store. In addition, for every 2,000 jalas, three other costumes for characters in the anime world can go over the counter: Kenshin Himura, Hajim Saito and Ayoshi Shinomori. For every 500 jala you can buy three new event emotions. For fans, it has to be சகபாடோ Very interesting: In one mission you, along with a former legendary assassin, can help people in need of 800 Jala – you play the famous one Do not cut the reverse blade.

I January 9 It starts too Rurouni Kenshin Contest, Where players can get Kaiten Kenbu Rokuren emote, Rurouni Kenshin-Ororo sticker and various IPPON decorations. Cooperation will continue until January 12.

Do you know animation and are you happy with the collaboration?