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Ni-Nintendo won the lawsuit against Co-Karting

Ni-Nintendo won the lawsuit against Co-Karting

Following the dismissal of the appeal, Nintendo has won a lawsuit against Co-karting for using Mario Kart’s trademark content.

Nintendo Has won a lawsuit against a co-karting company that used trademark content Mario Kart, Following the dismissal of the appeal in the Supreme Court of Japan.

A company called Mario Mobility Development was used to provide themed rides around the Mario Kart series in Japan. It includes clothes and carts based on Mario Kart games. This led to legal action from Nintendo, which moved quickly to prevent the use of its intellectual property, especially since events were publicly advertised online. Nintendo took the company to court and won, ordering them to pay fifty million yen in compensation.

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Mary has already lost one appeal against Nintendo’s court order, and it has lost another. According to NHK, The company’s appeal was dismissed by Japanese Supreme Court Judge Katsuyuki Kisawa. This means the company will not use any trademark Nintendo content and will have to pay damages from the original judgment.

Indicates that the company is still running (can be found on it Website). This changed the Nintendo character costumes from other owners, mostly to superheroes. Fortunately, Disney and Warner Bros. are not known to have sued any of the companies that use their intellectual property.

Those of you who think Nintendo is tough on this case should understand the dangers of allowing Mario Kart characters to be used in real co-karting events. These co-karting events take place on the roads of Tokyo, not in closed spaces. Therefore, someone may be seriously injured while co-karting during one of these events. If someone is badly injured or killed while dressed as Yoshi in a knock-off Mario Kart vehicle, it is Nintendo’s name, which will be in all the magazines, not the event host. We are not saying that the company runs dangerous events, but anything can happen on public roads, and a serious accident can occur if one of these carts is hit by a regular car.

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Source: NHK

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