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Nexus Mots no longer allows authors to delete mod files -

Nexus Mots no longer allows authors to delete mod files –

Nexus Mots Announced that Mod teachers Due to the introduction of the new collection method they can no longer delete the files of their works from the site. For those unfamiliar, the Nexus Mots is the largest platform dedicated to motors and their creations. If you follow us, you will definitely have heard of it, because all the relevant changes released for the biggest video games in recent years are gone from there.

Henceforth, all mod files will be archived instead of deleted. They will not be accessed unless a direct request is made.

The new collection system is designed to make life easier for newcomers with the installation of mods and allows the Nexus mods client to upload files to Vortex, along with lists of mods and installation instructions that allow you to download everything in a few clicks and resolve conflicts by hand instead of resolving everything manually.

To do Collection system, Administrators have decided to prevent deleting files, otherwise multiple lists may be deleted at once. Therefore, it is hoped that more and more people will discover the magical world of mods and now they are even easier to install.

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