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Next Chrome will be even sharper on Windows, MacOS and Linux

Next Chrome will be even sharper on Windows, MacOS and Linux

The Chrome 92 update makes loading web pages even faster thanks to the “back-forward cache” functionality already available in the Android version of the web browser.

Always fast. This is Google’s promise for version 92 of its Chrome web browser, which will be available in the coming weeks. In this new update, the US giant plans to speed up the loading of web pages on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Back-forward cache . Launched last year already for Android users, The latter allows caching of user-closed web pages. So when it clicks the buttons ” As follows “Or” Previous », The webpage will be displayed immediately (almost).

A feature not yet supported in the desktop version of Google Chrome. Currently, if you close a page, the cache will be deleted immediately to empty it. With function ” Back-forward cache »The browser will allow you to return to the previous or next page without delay, depending on the site information Windows is the latest.

“The back forward cache function enhances the user experience by keeping a page alive, and the browser can be instantly created by reusing it for browsing session history.”. Cache pages are disabled and do not enable JavaScript Google explains in an online document.

This new iteration of Chrome is already available Canary Dedicated to beta testers, it should be officially released in the coming weeks, perhaps in July. In addition to speed gain, always step Windows is the latestGoogle works in a new partition, allowing users to copy the URL of a page, generate a QR code from it, and turn the tab into another device attached.

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